“After its introduction in Europe in 2000, the MOBITRAC has been a much requested item”.

The MOBITRAC is an amphibious machine, specifically designed for the maintenance and recovery of waterways, marshland, small harbors and ponds. The MOBITRAC is unique in its kind, due to its versatility. The easy-connect facilitates a rapid installation of the appropriate tool kit, turning the machine into a dredger, mower, harvester or excavator.

The MOBITRAC is absolutely multifunctional allowing operators to exploit the machine to its full potential. The machine can be used for very different cleaning and maintenance works:

  • Mowing
  • Harvesting
  • Dredging
  • De-contamination (oil-spill)
  • Excavation

The MOBITRAC is easy to operate on land and water, and turns on its axis in water. It is highly accurate and therefore perfect for the usage in areas with difficult access and shallow spaces. The machine exerts a minimum pressure on the surface, avoiding damage on the soil during maintenance operations. The MOBITRAC is very well suited for operations in natural parks and reserves.

Also, due to its amphibious characteristics, it uses a caterpillar drive, logistical costs are kept to a minimum. The MOBITRAC is road transportable, and in general it does not require crane assistance for unloading into a waterway or loading onto a standard trailer.

The driver’s cabin is designed ergonomically, offering the best possible comfort for the operator. The operator seat and joystick(s) are adjustable. Panels, joy-sticks and controls are of course within a standard reach of the driver’s seat for ease-of-use. The hydraulic system controls: the hoisting of the tool arm, the inclination, the distribution of weight and the caterpillar traction. The instrument panel is equipped with a thermometer, hour’s meter, oil gauge and an engine controller.

The standard base machine includes the frame, caterpillar tracks , engine, hydraulics, dash board and operator cab. The MOBITRAC is currently supplied with a 3 cylinder 29 HP Yanmar diesel engine. Depending on the job, a set of tools can independently be connected onto the liftarm, or to the hydraulic system if required:

  • Cutter for mowing
  • Collecting rake for harvesting
  • Skimmer for (oil) de-contamination
  • Dredger for suction dredging
  • Grip buckets for backhoe dredging or excavating


The environmental MOBITRAC offers high quality solutions for restoration work in various water environments. Its amphibious characteristics and versatility keep potential operational and logistical cost to a minimum. Moreover, the MOBITRAC can execute an important variety of water works, and is therefore an important asset with a high ROI for any service company.

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