A proactive and preventive maintenance plan, which can vary according to the environmental conditions, is crucial.

Aquatic Plants need to be thinned, pruned, mowed and treated on a regular basis.

A scheduled intervention reduces a potential risk of an outbreak of noxious weeds and water plants in the future.

Moreover, maintenance plans leave out any unexpected cost since the projected water area is preserved and closely monitored.

MOBARN offers routine operations:

    • Field inspection
    • Assessment
    • Pilot (depending on location)
    • Planning (minimum 24 months)


    After a proper field investigation, our experts can work on a conceptual blueprint.

    Based on this projected plan, parties can determine the technical and economical viability.

    The study will outline:

    • Scope
    • Required machinery and tools
    • Required technical competence for field operations
    • Organizational requisites
    • Required external assistance and expertise
    • Maintenance and Support of applied material
    • Overall project plan (time frames, milestones and resource allocation)
    • Financial overview


    To make sure that in an early stage there is a general agreement on the project outline, a field investigation needs to take place.

    Our service technicians will collect primary data such as:

    • Dimensions of waterway/marshland
    • Currency flow
    • Composition and structure of ground and sediments
    • Characteristic and density of aquatic water plants
    • Analysis of logistical requirements and
    • Analysis of waste management facilities


    In addition to the engineering and execution of the waterworks MOBARN can also offer project management services.

    This allows our customers and partners to contract an end-to-end service, benefitting from both the expertise on site and the overall supervision of the corresponding works.

    These services can of course be requested under a prime contractor or a subcontractor agreement, depending on the requisites of the relevant institution.

    • Engineering (customizable if feasible)
    • Bid Assessment for contractors
    • Bid Preparation
    • Development of Blueprint including technical and financial proposal
    • Time and Resource Planning
    • On site operational services (operators)
    • Commissioning of the relevant material and training


    At MOBARN, we distinguish ourselves from other companies by going that extra mile to support our customers.

    Our staff of field service technicians can provide commissioning engineers to guarantee the proper set-up and training of operators.

    We will also assist with project evaluation and advise on equipment requirements and capabilities to reduce any costly down-time.

    A correct commissioning plan should have our machines up and running as quickly as possible.

    • Evaluation
    • Transport to the right spot in time
    • Set-up and fine-turning machines
    • Operational training of field personnel
    • Technical training for maintenance team


    The final objective is to hand over all tasks to the relevant parties, this extensive guidance includes:

    • Handling of machinery for operators
    • Mechanical training for engineers
    • Hands-on technical training for maintenance workers
    • Qualification and quantification of future maintenance tasks

    Environmental projects do not suddenly end. Especially the waterworks require an important recurring engagement.

    Waterways and marshlands need to be maintained to make sure that the effect of previous operations are preserved.
    For these specialized tasks MOBARN offers a personalized set of activities for knowledge transfer. These type of partnerships are designed to facilitate collaboration with local partners and institutions.