The company’s origins date back to 1985. Since that time the MOBARN group has concentrated on and is specialized in the cleaning and maintenance of waterways and associated areas.

These include nature reserve water areas, swamps, wetlands, canals, ponds etc.

The group comprises various activities that are intrinsically related:

  • Maintenance of waterways
  • Works with specialized machines
  • Consultancy
  • Turn Key Solutions
  • Training
  • Sales and Purchase Services
  • Rental services of Special machines for the maintenance of waterways.
  • Dredging, Excavating, Harvesting and collecting.

Working closely with various water-domes and having many years of experience in product development, have made it possible for MOBARN to rely on first class quality machines with the delivery of outstanding performances.

Since then the MOBARN group has expended its activities in various countries, collaborating with recognized industry partners such as Ballast Nedam, the Dutch Water Authority and the Swedish government. A dedicated practice and a solid reputation around the environmental restoration and conservation has been built.

MOBARN has been actively working in several projects; in Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Africa (Guinea) and Spain-Portugal (Prestige disaster, 28 miles of Cabo Finistere in collaboration with the Spanish-Swedish government). Currently the company is expanding operations in, Australia, Indonesia, the USA and LATAM.