A highly advanced piece of equipment with outstanding performance”

The MOBIMASTER is an semi-amphibious boat, specifically designed for the maintenance and recovery of waterways, marshland, small harbors and ponds. By using the MMOBIMASTER multipurpose technology it is possible to complete a variety of water works with one single machine. There is no need to mobilize several single-task equipment like dredgers, excavators, pontoons and tugboats.

The machine can be used for very different dredging and excavating cleaning works:

  • Back hoe dredging
  • Suction dredging
  • Pile Driving

The MOBIMASTER can work in extreme conditions and in areas where normally other dredgers can not operate. It is unbeatable in shallow waters, rivers, canals, ponds and basins. It cruises autonomously in the water using the propulsion system and excavator assembly. The MOBIMASTER has excellent moving capabilities and is very accurate which turns into a very effective piece of equipment for any work in constrain areas with difficult access.

The MOBIMASTER is also light in weight causing little damage to the environment. It is the ideal machine for restoration and maintenance operations in protected areas like natural parks and reservoirs. Since the tasks can be carried by using just one machine, the environmental balance is not excessively disturbed.

The MOBIMASTER can move itself around in the water by using the propeller and on land by using the stabilizers and spud-poles. It is transportable over public roads, loading and unloading of the MOIMASTER can be carried out without crane assistance. The multipurpose MOBIMASTER is immediately ready to start working after arriving at the site avoiding costly down time. It is anchored with its own spuds and it does not need steel cables for towing or additional stability which may disturb passing water traffic

The cabin offers great comfort. It includes all possible user-friendly tools and instruments for the operators. The standard cabin is equipped with a heating, ventilation, adjustable drivers seat and complete gauging for hydraulics and engine. The vessel is supplied with a powerful 6 cylinder turbo charged and water cooled engine. The fuel capacity is 800 litre plus for a good autonomy.

Depending on the job, a set of tools can independently be connected onto the liftarm, or to the hydraulic system if required. The MOBIMASTER can be equipped with:

  • Cutter pump for suction
  • Digging or clamshell bucket for backhoe dredging or excavating
  • Rake for cleaning and removal (soil, reeds and roots)
  • Pole-erecting bucket for special pile driving (drives both metal sheet piles and wood poles)
  • Upon request a mowing device can be connected for mowing


The MOBIMASTER offers high quality solutions for restoration work in various water environments. Its amphibious characteristics and versatility keep potential operational and logistical cost to a minimum. There is no need to mobilize additional equipment such as dredgers, excavators, pontoons and tugboats. The MOBIMASTER can execute an important variety of water works, and is therefore an important asset with a high ROI for any service company.

  • Multifunctional
  • Low operational cost
  • Low logistical cost (road-transportable, no crane assistance)
  • Replaces single-task machinery
  • High Return on Investment

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