The group comprises two main activities that are intrinsically related: Turn Key Solutions and Consultancy.

MOBARN offers Turn Key Solutions including research, planning, project management and field operations, to governments, municipalities, contractors, harbors and state lake authorities. In the last 20 years MOBARN has developed an important expertise in the area of effluents, shallow canals, marshland and delta’s. For this same reason, most the equipment is being designed with the purpose to operate efficiently in these environments. MOBARN’s machinery complies with the fundamental requirements with respect to volume, weight, maneuverability and versatility.

The machines are light, easy to operate and can execute different tasks.
MOBARN’s equipment provides a portfolio of services ranging from:

    • Treatment of hazardous waters, contaminated land and oil spillage
    • Dredging for waterway recovery
    • Maintenance of channels, marshlands, deltas and small harbors