“Multipurpose harvester, mows, collects and transport vegetation and waste material”

The MOBITRAC XXL and the MOBI-5000 both are multifunctional harvesters, developed for removing water vegetation and waste. The MOBITRAC XXL uses a continuous rubber tracks and is therefore highly maneuverable. Due to the amphibious characteristics the machine can access difficult areas and shallow waters without crane assistance.

The MOBI-5000 use as propulsion 2 Archimedes screws which allow you to also work in shallower waterways without disturbing the life. The crane on board will be a big help for and during working on the water. Enabling to unload quickly and even with a cutter-bar connected to the arm help with mowing the shoreline if so required.

The MOBITRAC XXL and MOBI-5000 are very versatile and offer a variety of services, enabling the execution water works with a single machine. With the effective cutting unit and the store conveyor the vessel can operate independently.

The machine carries out different cleaning and maintenance works:

  • Mowing
  • Harvesting
  • Transport
  • De-contamination (oil-spill and waster material)

Weed cutting, root removal and the control of unwanted plants or algal blooms are an important aspect of water maintenance. The type of flora and its characteristic do not limit the MOBITRAC XXL or the MOBI-5000 operation. The design of weed harvester front conveyor is ideal for the removal of light, low, floating algae even at a depth of 2.0 meters. It has sufficient capacity to cut and collect and transport the vegetation mass to the shore. The conveyor belt harvests and after reversing the direction of conveyance, the vegetation can be deposited on land.

The harvester can also used to collect heavy fuel oil and other waster material from the water.

The MOBITRAC XXL is easy to operate on land and water, and turns on its axis in water. It is highly accurate and therefore perfect for the usage in areas with difficult access and shallow spaces. Also, due to its amphibious characteristics logistical costs are kept to a minimum. The machine is road transportable, and in general it does not require crane assistance for unloading into a waterway or loading onto a standard trailer.

The MOBI-5000 the biggest built in Europe and still easy to operate. Road transportable and has a loading capacity of 30 m3. The excavator arm can also be used for excavation, dredging or even help you with unloading the Harvester.

Benefits MOBITRAC XXL and the MOBI-5000

The MOBITRAC XXL offers high quality solutions for maintenance work in various water environments. Its amphibious characteristics and versatility keep potential operational and logistical cost to a minimum. Moreover, the MOBITRAC XXL and MOBI-5000 can execute an important variety of water works, and is therefore an important asset with a high ROI for any service company.

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